Brian Eno on composition

I’ve come to realise that I can trust listeners — they don’t need to be constantly woken up. They’re quite happy to drift for a while and come back in when the music comes back in. In general, the listener wants much less than the creator. When you’re creating something, it’s very easy to get into a nervous state and think ‘Oh God, here’s a whole bar where nothing happens,’ and try to get more stuff in. But as a listener you’re quite happy with these open spaces.

Brian Eno I need to be more comfortable with those silences in my own work.

Ariill by Celer


Everybody who loves ambient should check out Celer. They have a massive discography, but this is a good place as any to start. And it’s one of their earlier works.

Roland by Robert Farrugia

Bandcamp is one of my favorite web sites around. You can find music in any genre you enjoy, and a goodly amount is free or nearly free.

Robert Farrugia has some of the best ambient music I’ve heard in a while. Most of his music can be downloaded for free, though I’d recommend everybody pay something for it.

And there is more where that came from.

You got it!