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So much gear, so little time

I already have more than enough pedals, especially reverb and delay pedals, that I don’t need more.

But damn it, I really, really, really want the Boss RV-6 and DD-500. It seems that when I really shouldn’t get more gear, I want gear the most. I’m not even saying these pedals will inspire me to write more and better music, but I can see both being very useful. I’d even trade in my beloved RV-5 for the RV-6.

Shoegaze guitar tone chasing

Four videos from YouTube. The first one is better viewed on YouTube, because it has important links with pedal settings, etc.

Obviously, shoegaze (and its mellower cousin, dream pop), are close relatives to ambient music. A bit more aggressive, but definitely something that has influenced my own music, and will influence any future ambient guitar music I make. These tutorials help me to understand how to get my desired sound better. And like I said before, to help differentiate my own sound from what everybody else is doing.