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Microsoft Edge

I hate to say it, but Edge is a really good browser. Actually a great browser. It’s true that it’s based on Chromium, but Microsoft actually made some improvements from Chrome. And as evil as MS and Bill Gates are (and they are evil little fuckers), they’re not more evil than Google. Maybe less so.

If anything, I’m just amused to be using a MS browser again after so many years away. I remember a time (1997-2002) that Internet Explorer was the best browser around. Netscape Navigator became a bloated corpse that couldn’t correctly render CSS, and Opera was still not quite up to snuff. Even in its early days, MSIE was the best browser for Mac OS X. Safari was the first non-MSIE browser that was actually a viable replacement. I remember the first few versions that came out in early 2003. Very rough, but also a breath of fresh air. This was months before Firefox (originally called Phoenix, then Firebird) was popular and as usable. Let alone Chrome (which came out September 2008).

All of which is to say that Edge is both a great browser and has some nostalgia value added to boot.