Good grief, more recommended music!

The Living Sleep released a new album this week entitled Remnants.  I’ve given it a few listens and I’m really enjoying it. It’s more of a piano based work, kind of like the “Into The Blue” single they released a few years ago.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Into the Blue at first. I thought it was pretty, but the lack of guitars put me off. Also, to release one single song after a three year silence was disappointing. But mainly because Losing Today is one of my favorite Bandcamp discoveries and “We Were Infinite” is an ambient guitar classic to me.

But this full-length album is really great. It is a massive leap forward for the band and something I highly recommend. Not only that, but Losing Today was released in 2010, and you can’t expect them to be the same band they were half a decade ago.

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While I’m recommending new music…

The new Swervedriver (!!!) is out and it’s amazing! First album of new material in almost 17 years.

Swervedriver I Wasn t Born to Lose You


Called “I Wasn’t Born To Lose You” and it can be downloaded at the usual suspects.

Always loved the Swervies, even though I prefer their earlier works. This album sounds like it could have come between Raise and Mezcal Head and that’s a very good thing.

EHX effectology

Wow, I can see this could get expensive very fast…

Electro-Harmonix (aka EHX) is most famous for creating the Big Muff Pi pedal, one of the very first fuzz pedals ever made. But they also manufacture dozens of other pedals, all of them much more expensive than their famous fuzz box.

Effectology is a list of crazy sounds you can make simply by using EHX products. Naturally, you can create these same sounds using other products that are much cheaper. But this is a really awesome idea. It’s great to see that EHX cares enough about their product to take the time to do this.

Here is but one example. How to play Kraftwerk’s Autobah on guitar:

More companies should do this.