A new blog, fresh and exciting

It’s been nearly two years since I updated the Lazarus blog. This is what I’m putting in its stead.

I’ll still keep up the Harem of Gamines tumblr, but I enjoy having a blog that isn’t dependent on another service. And tumblr is pretty bad at the moment. I don’t really like an associating them too closely. There are many lovely people there, but the fascistic groupthink is really scary.

This blog will focus a lot on music, the creation of music, images (scenic, beauty, musical, whatever) and anything that pops into my mind. Perhaps it will be updated often, but given my history of such things, I doubt it.

Welcome aboard. I hope you can enjoy.

Also, the title of this blog is taken from an ambient/post-rock blog I followed circa 2009. It’s tacky to steal a title wholesale, but the blog was deleted for numerous DMCA violations about five years ago. Sad to say it’s not coming back, no matter how much I wish it would. Five years is an eternity in internet time, so I’m using it now.