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EHX effectology

Wow, I can see this could get expensive very fast…

Electro-Harmonix (aka EHX) is most famous for creating the Big Muff Pi pedal, one of the very first fuzz pedals ever made. But they also manufacture dozens of other pedals, all of them much more expensive than their famous fuzz box.

Effectology is a list of crazy sounds you can make simply by using EHX products. Naturally, you can create these same sounds using other products that are much cheaper. But this is a really awesome idea. It’s great to see that EHX cares enough about their product to take the time to do this.

Here is but one example. How to play Kraftwerk’s Autobah on guitar:

More companies should do this.

Shoegaze guitar tone chasing

Four videos from YouTube. The first one is better viewed on YouTube, because it has important links with pedal settings, etc.

Obviously, shoegaze (and its mellower cousin, dream pop), are close relatives to ambient music. A bit more aggressive, but definitely something that has influenced my own music, and will influence any future ambient guitar music I make. These tutorials help me to understand how to get my desired sound better. And like I said before, to help differentiate my own sound from what everybody else is doing. 


Song for a Saturday morning

I really love XM radio. Sometimes I get tired of the way they play the same old shit all of the time, but sometimes they deviate from the norm and bring you something totally new and refreshing.

I had never heard of Michael Stearns before. I had assumed he was a new artist, since he does fit in nicely with many of the modern day ambient composers. But it turns out this song is over 30 years old! Whodathunkit?

I really need to buy this whole CD. And probably the rest of his discography as well. I feel the way about this song the way I do Eno’s “Discreet Music” and Burzum’s “Rundtgåing av den transcendentale egenhetens støtte”